Our Almondmilks


Our original, Pure Almondmilk will be a staple in your fridge.  Made with only two ingredients--organic almonds and filtered water--Pure has a natural nutty sweetness but zero grams of sugar. It's vegan and versatile, perfect for adding creaminess to smoothies and soups or pouring over fresh fruit and granola. Our almondmilk is made with nearly half a pound of organic almonds in every bottle so it's packed with flavor and nutrition. Finally, an almondmilk that tastes like almonds!

Honey Vanilla

We use real vanilla and local honey for a balanced sweetness and aroma that reminds us of premium vanilla ice cream. Honey Vanilla Almondmilk is our go-to for adding a splash of sweetness to coffee or tea. Try it in overnight oats or with your favorite protein powder.


Our ode to the fragrant lavender fields near our hometown of Chico, California. Our Lavender Almondmilk is elegant and relaxing, like laying on a hammock in the shade. In fact, we highly recommend drinking a glass while lying on a hammock in the shade. If you can refrain from drinking the whole bottle, try adding some to earl grey tea or your next batch of blueberry pancakes; you won't be disappointed.


Our Chocolate Almondmilk is a rich and creamy treat loved by kids and grown-up chocolate lovers alike. We use raw cacao for the purest chocolate flavor and sweeten it with a touch of local honey. Raw cacao is a superfood loaded with antioxidants and protein so you can feel great about drinking your chocolate milk! It's perfect all on its own, but we love to blend it with frozen banana and almond butter for a healthy dessert!

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